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3.3 Applying patches without a public-inbox archive

Much of the functionality described in the previous sections can work even if messages aren’t available in a public-inbox archive. piem-am and piem-b4-am-from-mid try to generate the am-ready mbox from a local source (e.g., via Notmuch or Gnus) before falling back to downloading the thread from a public-inbox archive.

Also, for those not working with public-inbox archives, it’s worth checking out mailscripts, a nice set of Debian-focused tools by Sean Whitton that provides, among other things, functionality for applying patch series, including b4-inspired patch extraction.

If you would like to use piem but prefer to use mailscripts’ notmuch-extract-patch script rather than b4 to prepare an am-ready mbox, you can add the piem-notmuch-extract-patch-am-ready-mbox function to piem-am-ready-mbox-functions.